Thursday, June 23, 2022

Class #11 - Various Opinion Topics

Why study English? Topic PDF / audio 🔊

Healthy Diet Questions Spinner

Opinion Topic PDF / audio 🔊

Opinion Presentations are next week, July 1, in the classroom.

  • Send me revised writing!
  • Send me slideshows!


Present Perfect Tense Form

Vocabulary - Similar // Opposite Meanings Form

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Class #10 - Time on or time away from smartphones

Good morning!

I'm not addicted PDF // audio 🕪 

A visit to Grandma PDF // audio 🕪 


Past Tense Verbs Practice Form


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Class #9 - Presentations Today

Presentation #2 (How to) is today. You should know how to pronounce all words. Try to speak in a conversational style and with good intonation.

Did you send me your revised writing? Did you send me your slideshow?

Writing #3 (Opinion) is due next week (June 17).

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Class #8 - Opinions

Today, I'm introducing the Opinions writing topic, which is our 3rd and last writing and presentation topic. Sample essay PDF / Essay organization PDF

Please don't argue that people should stop smoking. I've heard this topic too often. Also, please don't write about school uniforms. That's a good topic for high school students, but ...

There are two sides to every argument. You can argue an opinion you don't really believe if you want to. It's an exercise in looking at the other side of an argument. Also, you can write a strange, funny or outrageous opinion if you want to. Just be sure to follow the organization format and have reasons for your points.

Boomerang Children cloze exercise / audio

Grammar: Comparisons with adjectives

The boy is younger than the man.
The turtle is slower than the rabbit.
The girl is prettier than her mother.
Her clothes are more expensive than my clothes.

More examples (Regular Adjectives):
1.    Add “er”  sweet:   A peach is sweeter than a banana.
small, tall, narrow, dry, slow, fast, high, low, warm, cool, cold, loud
* hot: hotter, fat : fatter, wet : wetter, big : bigger, sad : sadder, thin : thinner
* strange : stranger; loose : looser; wide : wider; safe : safer; wise : wiser

2.    Change "y" to “ier”   pretty:   This picture is prettier than that one.
happy, heavy, hungry, early, easy, cloudy, busy, funny, lonely, healthy, ugly

3.    Add “more”   expensive:   Your sweater is more expensive than mine.
delicious, energetic, dangerous, normal, interesting, boring, special, right, wrong, terrible, foolish, square, stupid

Also ...
good < better
bad < worse
far < farther
fun < more fun

Comparison Practice Exercises:
Comparisons 1
Comparisons 2 (type the words)
Comparisons 3

Do the Comparisons online form now!

To Do List

  • Presentation #2 (How to ...) is next week (June 10). Be ready to present your 'How to' paper and send Kevin a link to your slideshow if you have one. Let's do this presentation with great eye contact and almost no reading!
  • Writing #3 (Opinion) is due in 2 weeks (June 17).
  • Do the Comparisons exercises 1, 2, 3
  • Do the Comparisons online form

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Class #7 - Writing #2 due; also Sentence Combining

Good morning! How was your week?

Did everyone send me Writing #2?

Sentence Combining

Writing principle - two short sentences should be combined into a longer one when possible.

I like music. I don't like dancing. => I like music, but I don't like dancing.
I don't have any money. I can't buy a car. => I don't have any money, so I can't buy a car.
Rome is the largest city in Italy. It is the capital of Italy.
  => Rome, the largest city in Italy, is the capital.
  => Rome is the capital of Italy and its largest city.
  => The capital and largest city in Italy is Rome.

Your turn:
Sharon brought a pie to the party. It was an apple pie. =>
The baseball team celebrated. They won the championship. =>
We are going to the park. We are going to have a picnic. We are going to play soccer.  =>

More ...
My soup was cold. I heated it in the microwave.
The movie was exciting. I expected it to be exciting.
He had a lot of money. He was not happy.

Connect the short sentences below to make one long sentence. 

Video Activity

Vocabulary -use Weblio ; find the Japanese meanings for the words below

1. consumed

2. gained

3. liver

4. cholesterol

5. shot up

6. body fat

7. national average

8. doubled

9. risk

10. coronary heart disease

11. twice as likely

12. heart failure

13. depressed

14. exhausted

15. mood swing

16. my mood swung on a dime

17. craved

18. massive

19. body functions

20. optimistic

Super Size Me handout PDF

Wikipedia re. Super Size Me - English / Japanese

Super Size Me clip (7 minute version of the documentary)

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Class #6 - Presentations & Next Writing

Presentation #1 is today! Gambatte!

Classroom: 医301

Writing #2 - 3 Tips: How to ...
Think of some advice you can give to the class. Give your 3 best tips on how to do something. The topic can be funny or strange; you don't have to be serious. Or you can give serious advice that will help people. It's up to you. Here are some examples:

  • How to Find a Girlfriend
  • How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend
  • How to Get Rich
  • How to Succeed at a Job Interview
  • How to Get Top Grades in School
  • How to Prepare for a Trip

Your writing should have these things:

  • 5 paragraphs - introduction; 3 tips (tip #1, tip #2, tip #3); conclusion
  • Your thesis at the end of the introduction; "Now I will tell you how to ..."
  • Your tip at the beginning of each paragraph
  • Details and examples that support each tip
  • Repeat the 3 tips briefly in the conclusion
  • End with a final sentence that concludes the presentation

Please don't tell us how to cook something (i.e., no recipes). Recipes are kind of boring. BUT you can give us general cooking tips, like "How to Cook Like a Professional" or "How to Save Time Cooking" if you can do it in three tips.

Writing #2 is due next week; May 27

Sample Writing

What are the 3 tips? What are some details and examples for each tip?

To Do List for next week (May 27)
  • Writing #2 - How to ...
The presentation for Writing #2 will be June 10 (対面).

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Class # 5 - Various things to do

Presentations are next week in the classroom.

Discussion about job hunting
Green Hair PDF / Green Hair Audio 🔊 / Green Hair Online Form

Homonyms / Answer Form

Common Errors Found in Writing Exercise

About presentations next week

Discussion about writing

To Do List

  1. Job Hunting (Green Hair) listening & online form
  2. Homonyms listening & spelling
  3. Common errors found in writing
  4. Prepare presentations for in person class next week
  5. Fix the errors in your paper and send it to me again